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About me (in 48 words):
Gamer, book nerd, writer, student, seeker and avoider of fandom drama. I write a lot of nonsense, but somewhere between the words is something that makes a shred of sense. Check out my profile for extra info about myself and the list of fandoms that I am into.

About this journal:
A place where I let my thoughts slip into words. Fandom, life, video game, college and literature talk. Personal posts are locked--so if you want to see them, then comment here so we can add each other--and all other posts are public. Thanks!

Other websites:
Plurk: [ profile] sykriar | Twitter: [ profile] twerkinghobbits | Tumblr: [ profile] twerkinghobbits

When on the topic of literature, I do not claim to be an expert--I am simply sharing and analyzing what I have learned, or what I am reading. None of my opinions or thoughts are absolute. All material, art, icons, fan works, fictions, poetry, literature etc. that I post on this journal are not my own unless specifically stated. I own all of my opinions. Any hateful comments towards me or someone else will be deleted. No Moogles were hurt in the making of this journal.

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