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Mog ([personal profile] sykriar) wrote2013-01-18 11:39 am
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'a memory'

I look out to the fog covering the horizon like a blanket and see your silhouette
Among the cars and dim city lights faintly peaking through the dense, late-morning moisture.
Is it my mind creating a vision of you, I wonder to myself;
Even if I clearly see your person, do you exist? My weary vision forces me to close my eyes
And stare towards you no longer. I shake in the cold and my memory fades
To the point where I don't even know if I'm myself. My eyelids open slowly and tears begin to
Well around them and my nose becomes runny. My heart sinks into the bottomless hole inside my chest
Because as I look out to that thick, thick fog again, I see no silhouette, no shadow of your existence.
I choke on my breath as I turn around and walk back to whence I came,
Hoping never again I am reminded of you.

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